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There are three of us in a twist. We have very different backgrounds, but all came from Japan and were fortunate to meet each other in Altrincham.


We wanted to do something creative and use our strengths, passions and previous work experiences.

Chie studied pattern making and fashion design in Tokyo, Yayoi has the ability to bring unique ideas to life and Chiharu has worked in the fashion industry for many years and has enjoys using social media.


This our team: "a twist". Our vision is to help others enjoy their lives through our products. These have a hint of Japanese culture with a little twist. We're so excited about our shop, we hope you feel the same!



We all went through hard times during the Pandemic. This still continues to affect everyone somehow in someway; we are no exception. We hadn't formed "a twist" at that time as each of us struggled to motivate ourselves or had to juggle work and homeschooling.


It was really hard, but we were aware of many good things happening at the same time, such as people helping each other physically and mentally, becoming closer with neighbours, finding lots of beautiful local walks, using local food delivery services, etc. It was lovely to see people support each other.


We wanted to do something that make people feel happy and us happy to live in difficult times. We also strongly feel that we would like to cherish and share our Japanese culture and traditions through our brand.

Chie, Yayoi and Chiharu

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