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This charming pincushion is characterized by a compact, round shape, inspired by a nut in the forest. Craftsmen at Nakauchi, a button manufacturer established in 1914 in Nara, carve the wooden base by hand with great skill. The fragrant wood is sourced from hinoki cypress from the Kii Mountains south of Osaka.

The fabric of the pincushion is a Banshu textiles, produced in the northern Harima region of Hyogo Prefecture. Banshu weaves are distinguished by their natural texture, rich colors, and smoothness to the touch. Saito & Textiles, from whom we source the cushion, strives to craft eco-friendly products and makes use of cloth remnants for these small pincushions so that waste is minimized. Pins slide easily into the Cypress Pincushion and its stuffing is rust-resistant.

It can also be strung as a pendant to make a cute accessory or for easy portability.

Cohana Cypress Pincushion

  • - Diameter: 3.3cm 

    - Height: 3.5cm

    - Material: Natural Wood, Leather, Banshu Textiles
    - Colours: Pink, Blue, Light blue, Grey, Yellow
    - Handmade in Japan

    - High quality handmade tools by the regional craftmanship in Japan.

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