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Adorable, beautiful and functional!

These are super tiny but the blades are sharp. Simply pinch lightly to cut thin materials or threads. It comes with a handmade beautiful silk tassel and leather pouch. 

Cohana Seki Mini Scissors

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  • - Size: 3.5cm (length), 2.2cm (width), 1.2cm (thickness)

    - Material: Stainless Cutlery Steel, Leather, Silk
    - Colours: Pink, Blue, Green, Grey, Yellow
    - Handmade in Japan

    - High quality handmade tools by the regional craftmanship in Japan. Producing Regions- Scissors (Gifu)- Tassel (Fukuoka)- Case (Kyoto) Seki, Gifu prefecture is a small town located in the middle of Japan, and is famous worldwide for its production of fine knives.


    Scissors come with a genuine leather case for convenient portability, and each pair is adorned with a beautiful silk tassel from Tassel Studio MARIMO in Fukuoka Prefecture.

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