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Experience the Beauty of Japanese Design with our Tenugui Tissue Box! Add a touch of sophistication to any Space at home. The tissue box is made using the technique of cartonnage.


Cartonnage is a decorative craft that involves creating boxes or other objects by covering cardboard or similar materials with fabric or paper and embellishing them with various decorative elements.


We used Nijiyura tenugui for covering to add a touch of elegance and style to go in any room or space!

Tenugui Tissue Box

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  • - Diameter: Approx 12cm x 13cm x 14.5cm

    - Materials: Nijiyura Tenugui Cloth (100% cotton made in Japan), Linen (lining), Mount Board Paper, Cartridge Paper, PVA Glue

    - Handmade in Mancheter, UK

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