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Wa Zarashi x Japanese Indigo

Nami Indigo hand-dyed scarf is made from Japanese purified cotton with Japanese indigo using a fructose (fruit sugar) vat method for less impact on the environment. Each scarf is hand-tied and dyed by Kaori in her garden. Each item is truly one-of-a-kind.


Wa Zarashi = Japanese purified cotton

Wa Zarashi has a very soft feeling, becoming even softer after usage.


About Kaori Yatsumoto


Having learnt dress making and designs in London, Kaori specialises in women's clothing including fabric manipulation such as pleating, ruching and draping. She rediscovered the beauty of old Japanese Kimono and Obi, and actively upcycles these vintage fabrics.


Kaori taught herself indigo dyeing using an sustainable/eco freindly method, and particularly enjoys shibori dyeing, a technique that involves folding, bunching, or bundling fabric and dyeing it with indigo dye. 


Her creation extends to upcycled clothing, hats and bags, as well as indigo-dyed apparel and accessories. You can view them here too.

Nami Japanese Indigo Hand-Dyed Scarf

  • - Size: Approx 37cm x 150cm

    - Materials: Calcium Hydroxide, Fructose, Japanese Indigo, 100% Cotton (Made in Japan)

    - Care: We recommend that you hand wash and separately from other items

    - Hand-Dyed in London, UK


    The colour might look different depending on the screen of your device.

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