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Nijiyura cotton Tenugui cloth, hand-dyed by a traditional Chusen technique.

Tenugui are multi-purpose cotton cloths that can be used to wrap bento boxes (lunch boxes) or gifts, serve as napkins, be worn as an accessory (scarf or bandana), as interior decoration and in many other ways.

Tenugui literally means "hand dry", but despite being traditionally used for this purpose, they are delicate and beautifully decorated.

Nijiyura tenugui are hand dyed using the traditional Chu-sen method developed in Osaka during the Meiji era. Since this period, tenugui have also been widely used in many traditional Japanese performing arts.

Nijiyura Chusen Tenugui Cloth - Red-Crowned Crane

  • - Size: Approx 37cm x 90cm

    - Material: 100% Cotton
    - Care: We recommend that you hand wash separately with cold water and mild detergent to prolong their life.
    - Made in Osaka, Japan


    About design


    The Japanese crane (tsuru), also known as the red-crowned crane or Manchurian crane, is a very elegant animal. 

    The crane is a positive image in many cultures. It is said that a crane can live 1000 years or that a couple of cranes presage a happy marriage. It is also said that if you fold 1000 paper cranes you can have your wishes granted. In Japan, it is common to offer paper crane garlands (senbazuru) to people suffering to help them heal. I remember as a child my classmates and I folding 1000 paper cranes and giving them to our classmate who was suffering from a serious illness.

    Please read before you order

    Tenugui are not stitched at the ends and will fray in the beginning. This is for the purpose of quick drying and keeping the cloth clean. You can trim any loose threads with scissors. The fraying process will stop after a few washes and make natural fringes.

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