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Around your waist or casually over your shoulder- when you don't want to carry a big bag and pockets on your skirt or jeans are not enough, this is the bag you need!

It fits well inside a coat so you can keep your mobile, keys and purse in safe place and you will be hands-free to carry other things! There's also an inner pocket for you to access easily too!

Sometimes a sports bum bag is too sporty so it doesn't go well with your clothes, but this Harris Tweed bag with adjustable leather strap can be used as an "outer pocket". It goes really well with a dress or shirt as a sash belt too!

Outer Pocket Harris Tweed

  • - Size: 29cm x 17cm
    - Adjustable strap: 50 - 90cm
    - Materials: Harris Tweed 100% Wool, Leather (straps)
    - Colours: Navy, Light blue, Blue, Red, Purple 
    - Handmade in Manchester, UK

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