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When you don't want to carry a big bag and pockets on your skirt or jeans are not enough, this is the bag you need! Even you need a big bag you can easily cordinate with the Outer Pocket and you can pop your phone or purse in there!

Sometimes a sports bum bag is too sporty so it doesn't go well with your clothes, but this quilted fabric with adjustable leather strap can be used as an "outer pocket". It goes really well with a dress or many styles. 

There's an inner pocket for you to access easily.

Outer Pocket Quilted Fabric

Out of Stock
  • - Size: 29cm x 17cm

    - Adjustable leather strap: 50 - 90cm

    - Materials: Quilting denim, Leather (strap)

    - Care instructions: the denim bag requires special consideration when wearing and caring for. The colour may transfer to other garments

    - Handmade in Manchester, UK

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